PosterPrize Leipzig 2016

The EGPRN Poster prize of October 2016 for the best Poster, as presented at the EGPRN conference in Leipzig (Germany).

"Chronic stress in general practitioners and practice assistants" by A. Thielmann (photo), A. Viehmann, B. Weltermann.

posterpreis leipzig2016 

Abstract (pdf)

PosterPrize Timisoara 2015

Congratulation to dr. Clarisse Dibao-Dina from Tours-France, she has won the EGPRN PosterPrize in Timisoara 2015. She has won a free registration for the next EGPRN meeting in October 2015 which shall be held in Edirne-Turkey”.

posterprize timisoara

PosterPrize Heraklion 2014


Best Poster prize Christa Tatsi from Heraklion-Crete Greece 2014


posterprize heraklion2014


The Economic crisis and its impact on the health of a rural population in Crete: Three year follow up.
Theodoros Vasilopoulos, G. Arseni, Christa Tatsi
Primary Health Care Center of Agia Barbara Heraklion, University Of Crete, Kolokotroni 23 Tsalikaki –Gazi, 71414 Herakleion Crete-Greece.

Background: In periods of economic crisis, when all negative parameters exacerbate, an increase in morbidity and mortality rates is observed. The lack of economic security, drop in income, failure to perform financial obligations, unemployment and addiction to toxic substances, such as tobacco and alcohol, pose a serious threat to the mental and physical health of a population.
Research question: Our study was to identify the repercussion of the deepening financial crisis on the health of a rural population in Crete.