Guidelines for translation of the EGPRN Research Agenda

(Extraction from the EGPRN Council minutes of Dubrovnik, October 2009)
It is suggested to wait for the summary to translate it, but national representatives can translate the whole document if they want.
The authorship stays the same.
The translation is at the national representative’s your own expenses.
It’s the responsibility of the translator that the translation is right.
In the acknowledgment it should be mentioned that it is translated by (nn). Funded by (nn) (in the inside of the booklet).
No logo of the pharmaceutical company on the booklet. The original cover should be kept!
The reliability is under the responsibility of the person who has translated it, independently by the authorship.
EGPRN will provide a standard text. Always refer to the original one!
You have to notify H.Prick so that EGPRN knows that you are preparing with the translation, and send a copy of the translation to her.
We will put the translated versions on the EGPRN website too.